We recommend that you feed your fish twice a day. Feed the fish the amount of food they can consume within approximately one minute. You may want to feed sparingly when your tank is going through the Nitrogen Cycle or when your water seems to be getting cloudy. If there is extra food in the gravel or getting caught underneath decorations you are feeding too much! You should remove any uneaten food as soon as possible. Excess food in the tank will start to decay and contaminate your water by raising the ammonia levels. This will also cause your water to get cloudy. Most freshwater fish can be fed a flake food. Saltwater fish will need a more varied diet in order to stay healthy. Find out what your fish eats out in the wild; for instance, most tangs are vegetarians and graze on algae or seaweed. If you have a reef system, you will need to add nutrients and trace elements for your corals.