When introducing a new fish to your tank, you must first acclimate them. This process reduces stress on the fish, and will help them better adjust to their new home. The first acclimation procedure is temperature acclimation. This is done by floating the fish in the unopened bag in your aquarium for 20-30 minutes. This allows the temperature of the water in the bag and the temperature in your tank to match up creating little or no change for the fish when you finally release them. If you do not temperature acclimate your fish, the stress would cause them to be very susceptible to disease or even die. For extra precaution, especially if you're uncertain about compatibility, turn off the lights to the aquarium. This allows the new fish to get used to the tank and other fish are much less likely to be aggressive towards the new fish.

Although, we don't recommend adding fish unless the water parameters of your tank are proper, an additional acclimation step can be taken if unsure about pH, salinity, or most other water quality parameters. After floating the bag for 20-30 minutes, open the bag; place a cup of your tank water in the bag leaving the bag open as wide as possible for oxygen exchange. Wait 5 minutes, and repeat procedure 3-4 times. This allows the fish to acclimate to such things as salinity, pH, or other water quality levels which may be different.