Housing/ Aquarium Set-Up

  • We encourage our customers to purchase the largest aquarium they have space for and their budget will allow. The larger water volume keeps the water chemistry stable and will be less likely to have sudden changes. This results in less labor and intensive work for the aquarist.
  • There are several things to consider when setting up and aquarium. Try and avoid locating the aquarium in a high traffic area where it might get bumped or easily contaminated by cleaning products. Avoid placing the aquarium near a window or other areas that receive direct sunlight. Besides undesirable algae growth, there may be other problems that arise, such as temperature fluctuation. Make sure you purchase a proper stand or have a stable area to place your aquarium (this might void the tank warranty). You must take into consideration the substantial weight of an aquarium. (Water weighs approximately 8 pounds per gallon, and glass tanks weigh significantly more than acrylic tanks!) Never put rocks, shells, or other objects you find in your garden or on the beach into your aquarium. They may contain toxic materials that will be released into your water. Make sure your decorations are safe for the type of fish you are keeping. For instance, coral can only be used in aquariums with saltwater fish or African Cichlids.

  • The Tank size you need will depend on the type of fish you wish to keep. A general recommendation is a maximum of an inch of fish per gallon for freshwater systems and an inch of fish every two gallons for saltwater. However, your filter will play a big role in deciding how many fish you will be able to keep. So you can keep a few large fish, or a lot of small fish.